The Challenge:
Retailers are under greater pressure than ever. They must do more with less on tight margins while they evolve their technologies. Their staff must be well-informed and well-coordinated in their stores, armed with the right information to satisfy customers. Whether it’s a question about a product or a request for a different size, shoppers expect retail associates to be empowered with accurate answers and attentive service. Above all, stores need better technologies to deliver a seamless experience for shoppers to keep them coming back. When retailers create an engaging experience, they turn interactions into transactions and occasional buyers into loyal brand advocates.

The Solution:
Motorola Solutions Team Communications from Wireless enable unified communications on any network, on any device and with any application.

Create a seamless shopping experience for your customers with well informed and coordinated staff. Improve communications between store associates and managers to create real-time flow of information and turn shoppers into loyal advocates of your brand. Extend the benefits of real-time communications into your warehouse and distribution centers creating an efficient operation delivering the highest level of satisfaction to your customers.


Staff Communications and Management
Respond to customers quickly, create cohesive teams, check inventories instantly and accelerate re-stocking with seamless connectivity.

Customer Safety and Security
Strengthen security throughout the store, keep your customers and employees safe, and react swiftly when urgent situations occur.

Warehouse and Distribution
Connect every worker so you can streamline and automate your processes, better manage risk and respond to customers quickly.

Fleet Management
Ensure a smooth flow of finished goods into order delivery and improve supply chain visibility so you can deliver to customers on time.



Wireless operates 7 locations spanning the Mid-Atlantic. We have earned Motorola Elite Partner status and are continually recognized for our expertise and success in delivering innovative mobile and communications solutions that connect customers with critical information in the moments that matter. With over 20 years of experience providing service to many Government Agencies and Business Enterprises, you can be sure that Wireless has the technical expertise to build a solution that fits your needs.